Amritsar, and top 5 reasons why the train is better than the bus

Arrived in Amritsar late yesterday afternoon after a 5 hour bus ride from Chandigarh. The Golden Temple complex is impressive (some liken it to the Taj Mahal in grandeur, but since I didn’t see the latter up close, I can’t comment). The walkway around the sacred pond is all marble with inlaid patterns. Plus the … Continue reading Amritsar, and top 5 reasons why the train is better than the bus

Pakistani-India Wagah-Attari border ceremony

The (Pakistani) Wagah-Attari (India) border crossing, 30km west of Amritsar (and the only border crossing between the 2 countries), was both amusing in a farcical way and scary in a “Zieg Heil” kind of way. A little too patriotic. And with guards’ walks that could have been out of a Monty Python Ministry of Silly Walks … Continue reading Pakistani-India Wagah-Attari border ceremony

Arrived in Chandigarh

Surprisingly, my night train from Bikaner to Delhi was virtually on time (only 20 min late), and, after an auto-rickshaw transfer between railway stations,  my fast train to Chandigarh was exactly on time! I’m staying with a friend’s parents here in a leafy suburb of this modern, grid-like, clean, green city. Will do sight-seeing mainly tomorrow … Continue reading Arrived in Chandigarh