View over PPT airport, with Mo’orea in the background


The Air France flight was cramped (every seat taken – was hoping to have an empty seat between us) with a sad breakfast and terrible coffee (no cream or milk! Just powdered creamer. This is not the French way!

Immigration line was very slow, unless you have a European passport.

Pulled cash from the ATM (some bills have turtles on them!), had a coffee/juice, went for a little walk around the nearby area, bought some snacks at the grocery store practically  next door to the airport.

In Korean lounge at LAX

Waiting for our 0:55 red-eye to PPT (Papeete, Tahiti) after relaxing in a day room at a nearby hotel and meeting Susan’s friend for lunch in Santa Monica.

The KL lounge is large and mostly updated, with a small food selection (at least at this hour) and an open bar. It looks out (Inc a balcony) over the concourse.


The last 2 photos are an ever-changing 3D-ish video wall in the into terminal (TBIT) .

A pair of upgrades… Pinch me, it’s a miracle

Short 5 hour red-eye from KOA to LAX on Delta. I cleared the upgrade early, but Susan was stuck at #5 of 8 with 7 seats left, and finally cleared at the gate.

Why is this amazing? On Delta, companions are slotted at the bottom of the upgrade list, not at the bottom of my status group like United does.

So shockingly there weren’t enough elites, including silver, to knock Susan out of contention.

Relaxing in SFO lounge… 3 hours until flight to Kona

Flight 1 of 8 down… Make that 1 of 7 after today’s rebooking.
Had a comfy 3 seats to ourselves on AC, with extra legroom in the “preferred seats” which surprisingly included a sandwich and snack (not sure if it is the seat or the high last minute fare that Delta booked).
It was  looking like we’d have gotten any upgrades on Delta due to heavy Friday passenger loads.

The one upgrade I secured (which Susan will enjoy) on the UA flight to Lona was thanks to the high fare class Delta booked (and my status – known as the Y-up fare).

Chile: in Avianca lounge at SCL airport


After almost 3.5 hours sleep with 3:55 alarm, a 25 minute taxi ride and no lines at exit immigration and security, I can relax for a few minutes.

Not making a cappuccino though, I want to sleep in my Copa biz seat to Panama, where I’ll pop into town on my 6 hour layover.

Interesting that they have brownies out at this hour (they are still setting up the buffet… Highlights inc ham & cheese croissant and a panini press, strawberries and pineapple wedges, and smoked salmon)


And I just noticed an overabundance of power outlets on the bench seats