Atlanta – not so Hotlanta right now

Sunny and chilly wind…

Clockwise from top left

  • 3 stadiums aide by side!?
  • Statue downtown of chicken chain’s big investment in scholarships over the years
  • Statue of woman who helped reshaped downtown
  • Indian lunch: salad with dal, veggies and a nice hot green sauce
  • New stadium under construction (reverse side of the leftmost stadium in the other photo)
  • Flatiron building! cf near St Lawrence Market in Toronto
  • Thats one big wreath! And the fire hydrant in front has a plaque: the first display of water system in 1875

In Korean lounge at LAX

Waiting for our 0:55 red-eye to PPT (Papeete, Tahiti) after relaxing in a day room at a nearby hotel and meeting Susan’s friend for lunch in Santa Monica.

The KL lounge is large and mostly updated, with a small food selection (at least at this hour) and an open bar. It looks out (Inc a balcony) over the concourse.


The last 2 photos are an ever-changing 3D-ish video wall in the into terminal (TBIT) .

Chile: in Avianca lounge at SCL airport


After almost 3.5 hours sleep with 3:55 alarm, a 25 minute taxi ride and no lines at exit immigration and security, I can relax for a few minutes.

Not making a cappuccino though, I want to sleep in my Copa biz seat to Panama, where I’ll pop into town on my 6 hour layover.

Interesting that they have brownies out at this hour (they are still setting up the buffet… Highlights inc ham & cheese croissant and a panini press, strawberries and pineapple wedges, and smoked salmon)


And I just noticed an overabundance of power outlets on the bench seats