Amritsar, and top 5 reasons why the train is better than the bus

Arrived in Amritsar late yesterday afternoon after a 5 hour bus ride from Chandigarh.

The Golden Temple complex is impressive (some liken it to the Taj Mahal in grandeur, but since I didn’t see the latter up close, I can’t comment). The walkway around the sacred pond is all marble with inlaid patterns.
Plus the little touches are nice: no fee to keep shoes (and no tip allowed!), and free simple meals (donation accepted) in the Langar, or community kitchen.

Off to the Pakistan border ceremony now…

Photos: Golden Temple at sunset; what time is it? (clocktower at the Golden Temple complex)

Top 5 reasons why the train is better than the bus:

  • no constant honking
  • no constant acceleration and braking
  • no constant swerving
  • no loud music
  • washrooms on board

It’s hard to believe I’m flying home tomorrow night already! (after my night train to Delhi, and a day, but not night, in Delhi)

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