Some misc TK flight photos

Pretty tasty food (I pre-ordered seafood meals), good seat back entertainment system (I watched 3 movies), but not much legroom.I was get a seat in the last 3 rows where it’s a 2-3-2 seating (B777) vs the normal 3-3-3, which gives more shoulder room. And this time the fuselage wasn’t oddly rounded too close to my head like my previous TK flight years ago.Oh, and the safety video had Lego Batman!

Moorea – rainy but having fun!

Yesterday we do a boat trip (sing along: a 3 hour tour) which culminated in an amazing swim/pet stingrays in waist deep water (photos to come after trip, on the waterproof camera).

We rented a car for 2 days (sometimes it’s sunnier on the north shore) which gave us some freedom, sightseeing without a tour, and local restos.


Clockwise from top left: view of two bays from Belvédère, Susan in rain at viewpoint, northwest corner of island, near stingrays stop, a waterside church, spearfish in the Champion grocery store, a public beach on the north shore, boat trip, turtle statues covered in oyster shells at Hilt@n lobby

Today should be the last day of rain… tomorrow we change islands and get our first overwater bungalow