Archipelago day trip to Sandhamn

Woke up early time catch the fast Ferry time Sandhamn (SEK 130 ~ US$20 pp each way), the island on the edge of the middle archipelago with a famous yacht club (after being one of 9 stops in a sailing race around the world).

The islands are similar to the Muskokas and San Juan Islands, ie granite rocks, pine trees. And lots of cottages, especially closer in to Stockholm.

The ferry was crowded and noisy (yatzy, in Swedish spelling, at our communal table, really?)


A quaint village with packed in little summer homes, mostly painted red with well kept gardens.


Enjoyed a waterside lunch, though the menu options were limited ( and $11 for a 40cL draft beer!?)


A 25 minute walk through the forest led to a nice pair of small beaches, though one was windy and the Baltic sea was cold). We relaxed before walking back to join the hoards boarding the ferry.


Under the bridges tour

On Sunday we took the 1:50 long boat tour (SEK 220 ~ US$35pp) which was definitely worthwhile and interesting. Lots of water in this city of 14 islands… with lots of little waterside park’s with people swimming and sunbathing, and many 6-8 storey apt buildings with water views.

After a little walk down the main street of Södermalm (close to the hotel), we effectively had dinner at the free hotel happy hour, which included hot and cold appetizers as well as beer, wine and liquor ( and an assortment if tasty cheeses).

Then we hopped on the T-bana (metro – modern, fast, efficient and pricey at SEK 36 ~ US$ 6pp each way) about 7 stops to meet my friend and former coworker John, chatting over a pint.

Vasa Museum

Very interesting museum of a restored 17th Century warship that sank after 1km on its maiden voyage. Not wide enough for it’s height so it wasn’t stable.
Scale model,  inc 150 statues:

The real deal:

And I like the realistic look of shock on the figurines in this diorama (the guy on the right couldn’t bear to watch the sinking)