Dr Sun Yat Sen – he’s everywhere!

Well, just about everywhere there are significant Chinese population, it would seem (recall he is the founder of “modern China” who overthrew the last Chinese emperor).

There are monuments/memorials/roads/historical sites in honour of Dr Sun Yat Sen in Taipei (Taiwan), Maui (Hawaii, USA), Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Penang (Malaysia)!

Given the large Chinese community in Toronto, I just googled it and found this memorial statue in Riverside Park.

If it’s Sunday, this must be Macau…

But heading on to Singapore after a whirlwind 26 hours in Macau.

Baccarat and Sic Bo (3 dice) seem to be the game of choice. But nobody is drinking!
Not many poker rooms.
And now I have a whole new meaning for mall walking.

The World Heritage old town sights are interesting and the Macanese food is good.

At 4:00 I awoke briefly to pouring rain and hoped it would continue so I could relax instead of sightseeing. But alas it waspartly sunny today.

Right now I’m sitting as the lone passenger in the upper deck “super” class (only about two dozen folks in steerage – ha! How do you like that Titanic reference?) on my way direct to HKG airport (no HK customs involved)  and am now back into HK cell coverage – I missed it in Macau!

HK: baibai! On ferry to Macau

Ferry terminal was much like the airport, without the annoying security measures. Checked my bag. Went through exit immigration; Macau immigration is on arrival.

Turbo jet is fast and smooth, gliding through the harbour like… oh, never mind.

Just got served an airline style meal. Wasn’t expecting that – just had a snack in the mall before entering the restricted zone.

Still very gray weather which doesn’t make for good photos en route.