In the hospital with dengue fever

After a rough weekend in bed with a fever and aches. In the Dominican Republic.
Most likely got bit in Singapore based on the incubation period.

Angkor Wat: fancy park passes

This is my 3 day park pass. They take a digital photo of you at the entrance and voila, a personalized pass! This one was a 3 day pass for US$40 – good for any 3 days in a 7 day period. A one day pass costs US$20, and there is a 7 day pass good for a month as well.


Back in Singapore after almost missing my flight

Talk about cutting it close out of Phnom Penh airport. Ask me to tell you the story in person – I can’t do it justice here :-)

Cambodia: fried grasshoppers

Better than I expected (crickets ok too but not the other bugs). Crunchy.

This was my snack, plus bananas, on the 20min stop during the 6hr bus ride to the capital ($12 for the A/C bus with toilet, plus one water bottle and a pastry inc.)


Cambodia: pull-tab beer bottle top

Would you believe a pull-tab top on a bottle of local Angkor beer? Actually the pull remains attached to the top, with a sharp edge as a bonus. Because I like to start a trip in a developing country with a cut on my hand (not the first time :-)

Same brand, but it’s a small draft beer they sell for US$0.50 at the bars/restos in town.


Siem Reap: loc lac for dinner

Loc lac with chicken (a traditional Khmer dish), and get this, with actual clusters of peppercorns! Oh yeah!


At a resto in one of three parallel road/lanes of restos with outfit patios – spilt for choice!

Oddly I received not one but two US$2 bills in my change!

Siem Reap: today’s outing (sunrise, temple, water village)

1. Sunrise at Angkor Wat (tip: bring a flashlight as it is still dark when you arrive and you have to walk into the large temple grounds). Btw, Angkor Wat and the other temples are truly amazing, and way bigger than I had imagined.
2. Bakong temple (in the Roluos Group, east of Siem Reap, whereas Angkor Wat and the main temple group are north of town)
3. Kompong Phlok (village on stilts near the lake edge – water is currently 4m higher than in dry season)

Cambodia: 2 of the 10 temples today

Bayon temple with 39 towers, each with 4 big carved faces and Ta Phrom temple with tree roots (think Tomb Raider)



My hovercraft is full of eels

So I’m enjoying a tasty traditional Khmer spicy soup somloo mjour krueng (US$3.75 plus 0.50 for a draft beer- the US dollar is used here more than local currency in tourist areas) at the Khmer Family Restaurant on Pub St, and after asking for fresh chillis (which, in my defence, was pictured on tip of the soup) and I realized I hadn’t learned any Khmer words yet.
Since there is WiFi I google phrases and get to omniglot. The last phrase is the one in the title and links to…
Check out the many translations for this Classic Monty Python phrase.