Small electronic devices ok on takeoff finally (on some airlines)

I had read that AA and DL were trialing this, but now UA and WS are also allowing it. Finally, no more silly “powered down your devices, not just airline mode”

Also, a refreshing shower in the lounge in EWR sure felt nice (the lounge near C101/C120, not the one by C74)

Biz lunch (dinner?)

Colourful sky with bright contrails forming an X

Woohoo – HUACA’d my way to an SDC with upgrade queue jump

Gave up my upgrade on a RJ from YYZ to EWR (1hr flight) to go earlier and use an upgrade certificate on EWR to SEA (6hr flight). Booyah!
I was trying to use the upgrade on my original flight but it was looking hopeless

HUACA = hang up and call again
SDC = same day change
Upgrade queue jump – taking advantage of flaw in UA’s upgrade process to grab an upgrade before the automated process gives it to a (more) eligible member

Google maps quick on the ball

The morning after the bridge collapse 50 miles north of Seattle, there was a gap in I-5 crossing the river (though no indication on the map of the bridge issue per se)

Later that day, google map directions had the detour route (e.g. northbound):


I haven’t heard any comparison to the boat barge that a bridge on Highway 520 on Lake Washington in Seattle about 18 years ago…

Quite the new deck at Frol!k


Huge 5th floor rooftop terrace at the Red Lion Inn of all places, in downtown Seattle near 4th and Pike. Hip big inside bar/lounge too. Happy hour 4-10pm daily.
Sliver of a water view, sun most of the time when the days are long.
Just reopened May 1st with a Miami vibe. Plus patches of astroturf, Orange ping pong tables, shuffleboard,  fireplace, DJ but not too loud. Well, it just got louder.
Not the least expensive hh, but quality, ambience and a big terrace.

And no, there is no more free lame nachos table anymore.