Relaxing in SFO lounge… 3 hours until flight to Kona

Flight 1 of 8 down… Make that 1 of 7 after today’s rebooking.
Had a comfy 3 seats to ourselves on AC, with extra legroom in the “preferred seats” which surprisingly included a sandwich and snack (not sure if it is the seat or the high last minute fare that Delta booked).
It was  looking like we’d have gotten any upgrades on Delta due to heavy Friday passenger loads.

The one upgrade I secured (which Susan will enjoy) on the UA flight to Lona was thanks to the high fare class Delta booked (and my status – known as the Y-up fare).

SFO: One leg down, 3 to go

After a painful 4:45 alarm. Gotta like 4 hours of sleep. Upgraded on 3 of 4 legs. Watched “we bought a zoo” – predictable but cute – and a good episode of Suits.
Also finally started reading HK history. Didn’t realize that the British got the Chinese addicted to opium (from India) and won HK as a result of the opium war of 1840.

San Francisco: a “rebuttal” to some of my Taiwan comments

It turns out San Francisco has some of the things I found “advanced” in Taipei:

  • Some dedicated motorcycle parking
  • Intelligent transit video screens with arrival times (also, many bus stops have an LED screen that shows the next bus arrival time)
  • Multi-lingual announcements on some transit systems (English, Mandarin and Spanish)

San Francisco: Otis Clay performing at Ameoba Records

This was a free 1 hour concert in Haight-Ashbury area of SF (next to Golden Gate park) on Sunday.
Effectively I was in the “front row” – fun to watch his facial expressions.
The movement of the 6 piece band (+ 2 backup singers) reminded my of the Blues Brothers.

Blues legend Otis Clay in free performance at Ameoba Records