Las Vegas has changed in the last 3 or 4 years…

Since I was last there.

For better:

  • Blue recycle bins on the street
  • Bike share stations
  • More express buses (the SDX had just opened last time and is way faster than the painfully slow Deuce)
  • More newer bars and restos on East Fremont
  • Higher longer zipline downtown in the Fremont Experience


  • New casinos on the strip (mostly replacing older ones)
  • More big box pharmacies on the strip
  • Little liquor stores on the strip

    For worse:

    • Lots of closed casinos and shops downtown
    • Half the poker rooms downtown are no morw
    • More panhandlers

      Misc funny moments

      • Waitress insisted the daily happy hour ended at 5pm. I pointed to the sign on the wall that read in foot high letters 4 – 6 pm 
      • Airport check-in person asked if I had a return flight out of Canada. Not needed, I say. Do you have a visa? Not required for US citizens, I say. She keeps reading through the fine print and agrees.

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