Spoiled in biz… even though old school barcalounger

Expecting even better on next Copa leg on newer 738 config with AVOD and power, and 50″ of leg room (adjustable seat with foot rest).

Good thing I ate a snack in the lounge as watched the whole movie “Spare Parts” (wow based on true story, AZ community college team beats MIT team in underwater robotics competition 3 years in a row) before lunch was served.

As wet were serving lunch, I had to run into the washroom (restroom? WC?) with my water bottle to flush my right eye with water as I had some sand from last night’s beach volleyball irritating it. Ouch. 


Tasty, but weirdest appetizer yet: one shrimp on mashed potatoes. WTF?


Lunch: pork witty messy couscous. Not sure what the greens were, tasted like bad seaweed :-)


I chose the tasty (coconut) cheesecake for dessert.


Woah, can I have some coffee with that Bailey’s? (for the record, I ordered coffee with Bailey’s)

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