Early bird gets the worm, or 4 seats to themselves :-)

Weird 2-3-4 configuration on this B777-300, but I immediately jumped into a vacant 4-seat middle from my 2seat side which had a passenger next to me. Lots of empty seats (and biz was very sparsely populated).

Seat is the kind where the bottom slides forward (slimline?), which dies bring my knees into the seat back in front of me.

Interestingly, there is a gap between the 3rd and 4th seat in the middle, providing actual arm space. Or I haven’t seen that before.

Personal entertainment system has a largish screen though a disappointingly small selection of movies. Also the main food choices inc calories (lots, calories that is, not choices, as in 756/968 kCal for Japanese/hamburger dinner and 594/651 kCal for chicken/omelette 2nd meal before arrival on this 13.5hr flight).

There is even a cup holder whether the tray is up or down.

As I boarded, the scanner beeped strangely which was just them double checking that I, and my checked bag, made the flight, no doubt due to earlier cancelation.


Service was very good onboard.

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