Guyana: more misc photos (McGuyanaver)

From top to bottom ( i hope they aren’t really that small like thumbnails in the post)
1. A temple with a large boa statue on top
2. The pink banners just went up while I was here, for breast cancer awareness month
3. McGuyanaver moment – the outlets were loose and my mobile phone battery charger wouldn’t stay in, so the band aid worked at first, but needed reinforcement from the water bottle
4. Cars on the beach and people in the sediment-laden waters
5. Waves in the brown water, brown as far as you can see
6. Little fish, maybe mudskippers, playing in the water movement close to shore (2 beady eyes on top of their head out of the water, and they skipped along the surface)
7. View from the entrance to the rather wide and brown Demerara River
8. Yeah, i think that circuit breaker panel looks to code


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