Guyana: no Kaieteur Falls for you!

Went to the local Ogle Airport wth the tour company, but the last 3 passengers arrived 5 minutes after the cutoff (island time!). The trip would have cost US$170 for a one hour flight each way including 2 flybys of the falls, and 2 hours on the ground with lunch (apparently there is not much jungle canopy there).

At this open air airport, small planes (13 pax) fly sightseeing tours, and supply runs into the jungle. And yes, they do weigh passengers in addition to cargo.


Got a little free car tour out of it – there were some nice new houses near that airport!

I don’t feel like this miss will touch my pantheon of travel misses/skips: Taj Mahal, Abu Simbel and hot air balloon over the Serengeti.

Don’t know just what to do with myself… And it feels like I’m waiting… waiting for Godot.

Lunch I guess… tasty Crab and calaloo soup and an iced latte (G$1500/US$7.50 for both).


And yes, Oasis Cafe is now fixing their A/C (it didn’t stop other people this morning as the joint was hopping) and Wi-Fi did connect this time.

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