Indianapolis for a wedding

Last weekend I popped down to Indianapolis for a friend’s wedding.
Some random comments about Indy…
  • Little solar panels on the taps in the airport washrooms
  • Car rental facilities are on site, so no shuttle, yay! I haven’t seen that in a while
  • Spanish as second language on all the signs in the airport
  • On the far western edge of Eastern time zone, so it gets dark late now (sunset after 9pm), like in Seattle
  • Indy 500 track looks smaller than I expected, at leaat from the air (it runs every Memorial Day weekend)
  • Downtown is small, with only 3 tall buildings
  • A sports stadium near downtown reminds me of a modern red brick barn
  • Suburban sprawl is green
  • I saw a few speed traps on the highways
Misc notes:

My rental car was a Chevy Cruze with only 38 miles on it. Not a bad car. (The lady there said she wasn’t going to give me an old car far away just because I booked on Priceline)

My hotel had an odd airport shuttle policy, in that it’s free if you booked directly, I or $20 if you booked through an OTA or priceline (I was curious to see if I should return my rental car previous evening or not)

On the right shoulder of one highway was a stove that had fallen off a truck, surprisingly close to the right now lane. Yikes!

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