SIN airside transit hotel budget room

Budget room has nice shared showers and WC (private within the washrooms), for S$47/US$38 for 6 hours (min).
As it turns out, I didn’t really need it as I slept on the previous flight and am trying to keep my body on EST.

No Wi-Fi in the rooms (actually I did get a weak signal) but the power outlets we’re multi national.




2 thoughts on “SIN airside transit hotel budget room”

  1. I wasn’t aware that there is such a space of ‘budget room’ at Singaport airport. Do you have to make booking before you travel or you can just walk in? Is there any other major airport that has the similar facilities, as you may know? e.g. Seoul, Tokyo, London…etc. It should be nice for sometimes having transit.

    1. It’s the Ambassador Transit Hotel in all three terminals.
      They say you should book weeks in advance; about 5 days out the one in T3 was full so I booked T2 (there is an airside train link between the terminals).
      They have a 60 hour non-refundable cancellation policy I think.

      A few airports in Europe have cheap new mini hotel rooms, though I’m not sure if they are airside or not.

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