San Juan: off to a rough start

So after deplaning I go to the washroom and change into shorts (it’s 27C and humid) and futz with my valuables.. .
And emerge to find the outside of the airport virtually deserted. Weird. This is a big city after all.

I decide to take the local bus for the local flavour,  plus I’m tired and not hung go on going out tonight so I’m not in a rush.
It’s 75 cents per bus (it takes 2 as the first one is a sub-5 min ride to a multi bus stop near Isla Verde area.

I was told exact change needed which I foolishly thought that one could pay with a buck and not get change, like any bus system in, oh,  pretty much anywhere.

The driver let me on,  refusing to take the dollar. A woman changed it for me a minute later and I paid.

At the bus stop I went into the pharmacy to buy mints and get change, do of course my next bus roared by.

Waiting for almost 30min as I write this.. .
Update: as I feared make that one hour between buses.

Oh and there are 2 stops here 30m apart, neither of which are signed. I asked someone and he pointed me to the other stop.

A taxi would only have been $20 but that’s beside the point.. .

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