Highlights of Pondy (Pondicherry, now Puducherry)

Pondy has a split personality: the one side (closest to the ocean) has a French heritage, with wide tree-lined streets (nice shade!), with little traffic, French street names (even using “rue” instead of road ), a central park with big trees for shade, and quite clean; the other side of the canal (away from the ocean) is typical Indian. … Continue reading Highlights of Pondy (Pondicherry, now Puducherry)

Highlights of Kochi (Cochin)

Kochi (Cochin) consists of a mainland part (Ernakulam), a peninsula (Fort Kochi (Fort Cochin)) and some islands (Vypeen and others). There are inexpensive ferries running between them, e.g. Rs2.50/$0.07 between Ernakulam and Fort Kochi. Fort Kochi (Fort Cochin) is where most tourists head to (because mainland Ernakulam is a big dirty busy uninteresting Indian town, … Continue reading Highlights of Kochi (Cochin)

Tips/thoughts/feelings: Food

After 17 days in (south) India, here is what I’ve discovered/experienced regarding food: Note that I haven’t gotten sick yet (knock on wood) and the food has been very tasty and cheap. Only 7 of my meals have been non-vegetarian (5 of them were fresh seafood in Mamallapuram and Varkala) and I can’t say that i miss the … Continue reading Tips/thoughts/feelings: Food

Highlights of Madurai

Madurai, about 3 hours by train south of Trichy, has 2 main sights: the big Sri Meenakshi Temple, and the Gandhi Memorial Museum. And lots of tailor shops. The Sri Meenakshi Temple (Rs50/$1.25, + Rs50/$1.25 for camera) was built in 1506 in Dravidian architecture. The outer wall surrounds a 6ha/15acre compound. There are 12 gopurams … Continue reading Highlights of Madurai