Now in Mysore after one brief night in Bangalore

The flight was great, though I was only in Bangalore (in the state of Karnataka) long enough to sleep, eat breakfast and wander the veg/fruit/flower market. The cones of coloured powder are kumkum, used for bindi dots on the foreheads of married women, as well as for religious rituals. Update: By the way, Bangalore looked … Continue reading Now in Mysore after one brief night in Bangalore

In Arambol beach, Goa since Monday

On Monday I moved from Benaulim beach to Arambol beach, one of the northern-most beaches in Goa (which is a comparatively small state for India). The move required an auto-rickshaw, 2 express buses and a local bus (3 ¼ hours total), plus some time in one of the towns to hit an ATM and top-off … Continue reading In Arambol beach, Goa since Monday

Arrived in Hampi this morning

Pronounced HUMpee, this magical area (a World Heritage site) is full of hundreds of temples and granite boulders. Peaceful, relaxing. I can see why people say this is a can’t-miss-place (#2 after Varanasi) I lost my buff in Mysore 2 days ago, so I have to wear my geeky safari hat – though it does protect … Continue reading Arrived in Hampi this morning

Flying to Bangalore tonight

On Kingfisher airlines – yes, the same company that owns the popular Indian beer Kingfisher (they are quite the conglomerate; they also have branded bottled drinking water). And I did see actual kingfishers on power lines in the backwaters… The flight is 1hr20min flight, vs a wait-listed overnight train ride. Does anybody work with outsourced … Continue reading Flying to Bangalore tonight