Highlights of Mamallapuram

About 60km south of Chennai, the World Heritage village of Mamallapuram (pop 12,000) was more laid back and more touristy but definitely worth a stop. I ended up taking an auto-rickshaw (tuk-tuk) to here from Chennai, Rs680/$17 to avoid the (scary, unknown) hassle of taking a long distance bus (plus avoiding a ride out to the Chennai … Continue reading Highlights of Mamallapuram

Quick update from Mamallapuram

I arrived in Mamallapuram, about 75km south of Chennai and half way to Pondi (Puducherry (Pondicherry)), which is where I’m heading tomorrow. 2 days was certainly enough in Chennai I seem to have a sore throat, sniffles… a cold! And I went to bed at 21:00 each of the last two nights, I was soooo tired, … Continue reading Quick update from Mamallapuram

It’s hella hot in Aurangabad

I arrived in Aurangabad today, which is hella hot in the daytime, but reasonable in the evening. Very dry landscape. The reason I’m here is I visited the World Heritage site Ellora Caves today (a must see!), which make the Mamallapuram rock carvings look minor… More detail later, this internet place is closing soon (I … Continue reading It’s hella hot in Aurangabad

Highlights of Varkala

No real sights per se in Varkala, but it was an excellent rejuvenating stop. The town, which I ignored except for the train station, is a few km from the beach; the Varkala I describe is the tourist ghetto on the cliffs. Here are some of the things I enjoyed in Varkala: sandy beach refreshing breezes … Continue reading Highlights of Varkala

Tips/thoughts/feelings: Food

After 17 days in (south) India, here is what I’ve discovered/experienced regarding food: Note that I haven’t gotten sick yet (knock on wood) and the food has been very tasty and cheap. Only 7 of my meals have been non-vegetarian (5 of them were fresh seafood in Mamallapuram and Varkala) and I can’t say that i miss the … Continue reading Tips/thoughts/feelings: Food