Highlights of Goa – Arambol beach

I spent 4 nights in Arambol (Harmal) beach, which is the northernmost main beach in Goa, keeping in mind that Goa is about 100km long from north to south, as the crow flies. Plus, if you want to leave by long-distance train or plane, you have to back to/near Margao/Madgaon anyways (originally I wanted to … Continue reading Highlights of Goa – Arambol beach

In Arambol beach, Goa since Monday

On Monday I moved from Benaulim beach to Arambol beach, one of the northern-most beaches in Goa (which is a comparatively small state for India). The move required an auto-rickshaw, 2 express buses and a local bus (3 ΒΌ hours total), plus some time in one of the towns to hit an ATM and top-off … Continue reading In Arambol beach, Goa since Monday

Update on food/drink

Despite being ill last night (thankfully briefly), I wanted to make some more comments/updates on food/drink and prices… Beer: In Goa, beer is cheaper: only Rs60/$1.50 for a large Kingfisher, and Rs35/$0.88 for a small (regular) Kingfisher, which I hadn’t actually seen until this point. The Goan beer Bello tastes worse, in my opinion. I’ve … Continue reading Update on food/drink

In Goa at Benaulim Beach after a rough day

Yesterday was not fun, what with, umm, stomach issues, on the train yesterday (at least the toilet was pretty clean on the train, being in one of the better classes). I arrived in Margao (Madgaon), the main train station town in Goa, in mid-afternoon exhausted and not feeling well. So instead of 2 auto-rickshaws and … Continue reading In Goa at Benaulim Beach after a rough day