Night train to Amsterdam

Waiting in Hamburg Hbf (central train station) at midnight…
30min free Wi-Fi (in theory, it didn’t work and it would have required giving up my mobile#) but I have to pay €1 for the toilet. Really? Am I paying for cleanliness or for the automated gate they installed?


Can’t say I slept that well as the (top) couchette’s cushion was a little thin and 2 inches too short. But way more comfortable than a plane seat! You do get a pillow, sheet and blanket.

Although there were 6 couchettes but only 4 people (I paid €10 extra for a max 4 cabin)


The middle couchette flips down during the day, becoming the backrest for the seats.


1st class sleeper for2 people, which also has its own washbasin.


One thought on “Night train to Amsterdam”

  1. A lot different than travelling fourth-class unreserved in a compartment in India. I would ‘buy’ a luggage rack from some entrepreneur who put a cloth on it before the cars pulled into the station. It’s virtue was that I could sleep horizontal on an overnight train from Bombay to Hyderabad. One morning, I woke up to seeing 16 bodies crammed into the compartment below me, with their agricultural products heading to market. But the views of the Deccan Plateau were breathtaking.

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