Arrived in Mumbai this morning

Expensive hotels here. My half-decent budget hotel is Rs900/$22.50 per night (usually I’ve been paying Rs400/$10┬ámost nights). And I don’t even have my own toilet (though I do have a (bucket) shower in my room). Sigh. And check out time is noon, so even though I’m here 48 hours (6am to 6am two days later), … Continue reading Arrived in Mumbai this morning

Highlights of Goa – Arambol beach

I spent 4 nights in Arambol (Harmal) beach, which is the northernmost main beach in Goa, keeping in mind that Goa is about 100km long from north to south, as the crow flies. Plus, if you want to leave by long-distance train or plane, you have to back to/near Margao/Madgaon anyways (originally I wanted to … Continue reading Highlights of Goa – Arambol beach

Mailing a package home

I sent a package home from Aurangabad, a process which took over an hour, between the auto-rickshaw rides, the boxing/wrapping/stitching/wax-sealing of my things, and going to the post office (which mercifully had a short line and an English speaking clerk). Note the wax seals (14!) on the finished package. Over 7kg/16lbs, it cost Rs300/$7.50 to … Continue reading Mailing a package home

Was sick last night…

Literally. At both ends. But better this morning (only had a bland breakfast though). Not sure what it was – everything seems suspect in restrospect! I hope Christian and/or Silje (from Norway) weren’t sick too (although that would narrow down the bad (sea)food!) I’ve checked out now, and am sharing a 2-hour taxi to the … Continue reading Was sick last night…

In Arambol beach, Goa since Monday

On Monday I moved from Benaulim beach to Arambol beach, one of the northern-most beaches in Goa (which is a comparatively small state for India). The move required an auto-rickshaw, 2 express buses and a local bus (3 ┬╝ hours total), plus some time in one of the towns to hit an ATM and top-off … Continue reading In Arambol beach, Goa since Monday