Not off to a great start… Only myself to blame

I should have eaten more in the lounge, as I left home without eating, and lunch on the flight won’t be until 11:30 (on a 9:30 departure) and no pdb (pre departure beverage) either – need some coffee with Bailey’s, stat!
Biz class on Cops is like domestic biz on United, which is to say old school barcaloungers and no individual entertainment or power ports. At least they call it business and not “first” (it’s a B737-800).
One hour in and have coffee, watching Maleficent..

Feeling rather unprepared for this trip, with all the crazy work hours lately. Even had to squeeze in a last minute data fix before heading to the airport thus morning, where in my foggy state I misread one request (and passed it on to someone else instead of doing the wrong thing)

Biz lunch after selecting entree from a printed menu… And I guess the salad counts as “veggies” (oh wait, and there’s a bit of spinach under the steak)
I might pre-order a veggie meal on the way back since its actually an option

Cheese melted on the mashed potatoes, and blue cheese sauce for the steak, mmm!
And now I’m glad I didn’t over indulge at breakfast.

Oh well, might as well have the sundae too :-)

Side note: after seeing an article about CATSA (the CDN TSA) being inefficient and over zealous, i found it amusing that they inspected my carryon to look more closely at my nail clippers… And but I was literally the only person at that checkpoint