Arrived at hostel in Singapore

Yes it is 2am here. Next flight is in 13hrs to somewhere new!

It only took me 30min from plane arriving at gate to sitting in a taxi. Sweet!

You know that IKEA commercial where the woman yells “start the car”? This was me yelling “stop the car” a few times as he sailed by the address. Pretty funny actually.

And this Hostel is 10x better than the last one on the inside. Lockable room with only 4 beds and power ports and lockers at each bed,  and an ensuite bathroom. And cleaner. For S$30/US$25. Breakie included too.

Arrived in Hong Kong last night

Arrived reasonably refreshed, speeding through the efficient immigration top find all bags already on the carousel.

Quick ATM stop, by an airport express train ticket for HK$90/US$12 from a kiosk and jump on the waiting train.
Alight in Kowloon 21min later and HP on the evening’s last free shuttle that gets me to within a five minute walk of my hotel.

Seems all the Nexus people were pulled over for a random check today at YYZ

The (Cdn) guy who directed me to the extra screening had a sense of humor at least: I asked if the nexus line moved and he replied “yes, and they’ll serve you breakfast in there too”
It took 10 minutes, mostly waiting for my turn for a cursory bag search.

The lounge was open before 5:30 but I couldn’t stay long as it was a long walk to the very end of the commuter jet wing of the terminal.

And my 6am flight? It can’t take off until 6:30 due to noise restrictions.

And yes, I am upgraded on 3 of my 4 flights today.

Flight map for upcoming HKG/SIN/Cambodia trip

Flights for my upcoming trip to HKG/SIN/Cambodia in one week:
(REP is Siem Reap, where Angkor Wat is; PEN is Phnom Penh, the capital)

YYZ-HKG-SIN plus Cambodia (map created on Great Circle Mapper)

The red lines YYZ-IAH-HNL-GUM-HKG-SIN are 5 flights / 12,718 miles each way on UA (I’m upgraded on 8 of those 10 flights and waitlisted for one more leg). Though I spend one night in HKG on the way, and 12 hours in HKG on the way back.

The 2 green lines are JetStar Asia flights (a LCC = low cost carrier).