Guyana: sunny, hot, humid, empty

Formerly British Guiana, add Guyana to the list of countries that drive on the left side of the road.

The small airport us a 41km drive (US$25) on a 2 lane road (being widened to 4 closer to town), paralleling the Demerera River, with the occasional glimpse of this “small” river (about 100m wide already).

I wandered around my area of town, with quaint old buildings, the church that is the tallest wooden structure in thus part of the world, the Canadian  High Commission, and the seawall walk (flat muddy looking water). And non-functioning Scotiabank ATMs

The countryside driving in was nice, the town not so much. Lots of walls, guards and some barbed wire. Even the little resto I went into first an Indian snack had bars above the counters.


One thought on “Guyana: sunny, hot, humid, empty”

  1. So serene. No one around? Happy that you have notched a new destination. Looking forward to seeing more. k

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