Singapore wrap up

Not too much to say, really.
Basically 2 days hanging out with so-so weather. Though still hot and humid.

Walked around a lot, slept odd hours, revisited some old haunts, took a random LRT (light rail) neighbourhood ride at the end of the NE line (lots of cranes and 17 story residential towers under construction), ate a bunch of tasty inexpensive food (dhosas, mmm) and unfortunately wasn’t able to meet up with a good local friend.

Misc notes:
– prices have gone up in the last year, noticeable on MRT fares and food (my favorite masala dhosa is up to S$2.30/US$1.85 now)
– 2 new subway lines under construction

Singapore Flyer at night from taxi into town (the biggest Ferris wheel in the world, it’s twice as tall as the one in Seattke)


Best masala dhosa


Hanuman, I presume


Little India little up for the upcoming Deepavali festival


Vietnamese seafood noodles and a large Carlsberg (S$5/US$4 and S$6.30/US$5 respectively)


One thought on “Singapore wrap up”

  1. Remembering well the old Chinese market of thirty years ago. Birds, reptiles and JVC. Unbelievably cramped and lively!

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